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Lego Museum

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Lego Museum
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Lego Museum
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Lego History

See how a small furniture workshop in Billund, Denmark grew into one of the largest toy brands in the world.

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Lego Trains

Since the 1930s, LEGO® trains have brought fun and enjoyment to train enthusiasts of all ages. The ever-topical and popular toy has appeared in a variety of shapes and sizes, always providing an engaged and active play experience.

Journey to the centre of your imagination with the world of Lego at the Lego Museum!
Museum will please people of every age.
Lego is an idea as much as it is a toy; if you try hard enough, you can fit the entire story of the last century of child’s play and the hopes and desires of every parent into one of its 9.6-millimeter-tall rectangular plastic bricks.

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