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V irmuze is a network of virtual museums, both official ones representing physical institutions, and those created by passionate people about any subject of interest. Museums are composed of exhibits containing videos, images, surveys, timelines, 3D models, sound clips, social media posts, and discussions specific to each exhibit.
Virmuze users can follow subjects of interest and specific museums to be kept up to date on additions, changes, and discussions.
People can create Virmuze museums which might never exist in the real world! Users might pay a visit to 65 million-year old dinosaurs, wander over to the museum of soft drinks, spend time at the museum of hurricanes, and end their tour at the latest modern art exhibition in New York City.
The goal of a museum is to tell a story, and we’re psyched to see what stories people will tell.

What is a Virmuze museum?

A Virmuze museum is a digital version of either a live museum, or an entirely virtual museum that exists only online. It's composed of exhibit pages, museum information, reviews, and comments.

What is a "live museum"?

A live museum is a museum on Virmuze that is also a traditional museum - one you can physically visit.
A bizarre quirk of English is that it's easy to describe something that exists in the "virtual" or "cyber" world, but there doesn't seem to be a word to mean the opposite! You can take an "online class", but can you take an... "offline class"?
We considered "real-life", "real-world", "offline", "physical", "natural", "brick-and-mortar" and "totally not just on your phone" before deciding on "live". We're hoping it'll become a thing.

Who can create a museum?

Anyone! Just like on most social media and publishing platforms, signing up is quick, and can also be done through Facebook or Google one-click signup.
Creating and editing museums and exhibits requires a desktop browser.
Established museums and notable people can request a verification checkmark to show their accounts are authentic.

Do I need to create an account?

Browsing museums can be done without signing in. However, creating an account allows you to like and follow specific interests and museums, participate in exhibit surveys, view age-restricted exhibits, and create your own content.

Are Virmuze "virtual museums" virtual reality tours?

No, although 360° video and 3D models can be embedded as part of an exhibit.
Most current "virtual museums" exist as panoramic set of photos moving through a museum, like an interior version of Google Street View. However, a 2016 study which we're entirely making up shows that this kind of "virtual walking tour" - while kind of neat - has never been very popular.

How is this anything new?

There are over 55,000 museums in the world today, and few of them have a high quality online presence, other than listing locations and visiting hours. Many people also maintain private collections that wouldn't be visible otherwise.
While amazing resources like Wikipedia offer a massive amount of information on a topic, it's not easily digestible as an exhibit that tells a story.

Do I retain ownership of what I upload?

Yes! Virmuze in now way claims ownership to any content you upload. You retain ownership of any intellectual property rights that you hold; in short, what belongs to you stays yours.

When you upload content, you do grant us a license to host that content as part of the Virmuze service. You can revoke this license by removing your content as well and notifying us. To view the specifics of this license, please see section 12 of our Terms of Service.

Does this cost anything to use?

Virmuze is free for both users and museums, and we’re happy to help create a free sample exhibit for museums interested in joining us. It can take surprisingly little time to create a beautiful Virmuze exhibit from existing websites built with older technology.

While the exhibit creation system is easy to use, we do offer à la carte paid services to create full exhibits, maintain content, or both. As another service, we can manage campaigns to drive traffic to online exhibits using advertising on search engines and social media.

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